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New single "Moments Last" from the upcoming album "Pejuta Road" available June 22, 2021


2019 to 2021 Hello! 

Firstly, I have been so grateful for the opportunities to grow and make so many friends and relatives. Over the past three years, I've been on highs and lows. I've made friends and lost some friends. I have watched others struggle on the same journey with my ongoing support and mentoring. I've also welcomed new friends, relatives, more birthdays, and celebrated more opportunities.

2019 has been a year of production, writing, connecting with Indigenous Artists across the nation, and welcoming new family…

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Jan-Feb 2018 blog 

Hey, everyone. Just some news and updates! 

Banff Arts Centre’ residency last month was an experience I won’t forget. I recommend Banff for creating your next work whatever it is. Artists from around the world came to work and hang out. So many new friends along with new work was the result. The next album in 2018 will be a new chapter for me and takes a lot of my experiences and stories and merges them with my writing styles. I’ll be doing some demos of that this spring.   

Since coming back, I’ve been…

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